The Big "Three"
Every moment spent with them is a milestone in itself.

It's long overdue but I wanted to write a post on my son's birthday.

I'm not exactly sure what to write. I see other moms who write their child's milestones every time their kid/s turn a year older. I don't think I'm like other moms. I'm pretty chill. Sure, I want to know all of my son's milestones, but if you think about it: every moment spent with them is a milestone in itself. Each waking moment, all the crazy things in between - I'm totally grateful for all the things both Bobby & I have gone through with Yñigo.

Our son's such a brilliant child. He loves art, space, rocketship, fish and venturing places. He can speak short sentences, and can understand what people say. I think he has such a big imagination - and good memory considering he can also remember things that happened before. How we know this? Well, we catch him saying stuff about it. He loves our television as much as his Dad & Papa Jojo does. Not sure if it's a guy thing or nagkataon lang na lahat sila mahilig dun. He's a Lola's boy that's for sure.


He doesn't have a lot of friends his age... but weirdly, he has never had a problem interacting. As a baby, we always had a feeling that he'll grow up loving people... or at least not being shy to open himself up to them. Whenever we travel, we would joke how one day (when he's older), if he gets lost, we would find him dining in some random person's house HAHA. His grandparents joke how easy it would be to kidnap him 'cause ang bilis nya sumama sa iba. But, we also noticed how he has hesitations when he feels like a person is someone we don't know, or when s/he isn't as welcomed as others he's been around with.

Bottomline is at least he knows what he's doing even if he's so open to the world. His extrovertedness is acted out with caution. Hmmm, what else? He craves for me-time too - a trait I feel he got from Bobby. He also loves being in the kitchen. He loves learning about fruits. He also likes being questioned so he can tell you the answer... if he has one (something I feel he got from me naman)

He sure has a lot of people who love him, and a lot of people who feel so blessed to have him in their lives.


So what do we give to a little kid who deserves more than everything?

We arranged a birthday celebration inviting everyone present in his life. Those who have always cared for him, and of course, for our whole family. It was like a mini-reunion with all the people we love!! 


RJ Tries To Cook

It wasn't easy but I did it. Prepared some Chicken Pesto Pasta for our guests, and set this corner up!


RJ Tries To Style

Low-budget so I had to be resourceful. I got blankets and woven baskets to style the tables. Put in some candies too!!

We do this every year. From his baptism to his first birthday up until the one we had last June. Every time, we just forget and celebrate the wonderful life our son has, and how he's changed everyone's. His ninangs, ninongs, titas and titos bring gifts also -- which we ask him to open to see which one he likes. It's like all our guests are betting which one he loves best. 

In fairness, may winner every year. Hahaha. I can still remember:

  • FIRST YEAR: balls, a small swimming pool and blocks


  • third year: a fish set, a toy rocket ship and space books

Wonder what it would be next year?


Of course, once it's time for bedtime, the adults get smashed. Well, not really. Chill inuman 'cause we old. We spend the whole night catching up, enjoying each other's company, and playing card games and trivia quizzes. Throw in some drinking games in between!

So there. It was a memorable third birthday salubong. Our family and friends have never come short of being there for us. Both Bobby and I will be eternally grateful for all the good that they've showered to our little boy!