Birthdays with Bento Mommas

Bento (弁当 bentō) is a single-portion take-out or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. A traditional bento holds rice or noodles, fish or meat, with pickled and cooked vegetables, in a box.

Years ago (maybe back in 2015), I would see a bunch of bento boxes flooding my feed. Never really showed interest in it then ‘cause I’m not good with food, and I didn’t get the appeal it gives to kids.

A year or two after, I met Kaye Catral in one of the Mommy Mundo events. I was intrigued with the work she did. She’s part of Bento Mommas - a pool of talented bento-making moms that have been spreading bento love since 2007. In fact, if you go to their Instagram page, you’ll see all the work they’ve done. Pretty impressive cause making bento entails having an eye for details (which I don’t have haha).

Anyway, let’s fast forward to today where my P.O.V. for bento changed.

I got a call from Kaye asking me if I wanted to treat Yñigo and his Kinder 1 classmates (yup, K1… i still can’t believe it) to a cute bento lunch to celebrate his birthday (he turned four last June 17)! To be honest, nahiya lang talaga ako, pero deep inside, I was rejoicing! Ang raming firsts eh -

First time for my little boy to celebrate with his little friends / classmates
First time to celebrate in preschool
First time to have bento boxes prepared for him
First time to be gifted with a catering of sorts
First time for the school to have a student that celebrated a birthday differently (usual is big party + Jollibee / McDonald’s / Shakey’s)

Diba? Who wouldn’t be excited to nail all these firsts?

Friday morning, I greeted the Lalamove driver who delivered these bento boxes to our doorstep! I opened it and I was amazed. I showed it to Yñigo before we left for school and he was so happy - ayaw niyang bitawan yung bento mga besh.

His Tita Kaye asked me if I wanted her to prepare Ryan & Gus from Ryan Toys Review. Knowing my son and his fascination for that boy’s life and merch, I said sige.


I love the personalization that comes with everything - from the preparations, the design, and down to the smallest details. Look at the “Ynigo is Four” sticker! Ang cute kasi I don’t ever remember having something so personalized celebrating my birthday as a kid (debut ko lang siguro hahaha).

Oh and before I forget, ang sarap ng food. Bobby & I had one for breakfast. Whether it’s heated, or kung nalamigan na, masarap parin. I loved the pasta - nakakabusog!

If I was a kid, and received this, I would always have room in my tummy for the food. Plus, I’d be more inclined to eat it. Meal times are more fun with bento.

gus bento box by bento mommas

Gus Break

Baked Macaroni

Chicken Nuggets



Ynigo celebrating with his classmates


Here he is with his classmates after giving out the bento boxes to his teachers & classmates. They look so happy. Yñigo looks so happy - and I wouldn’t have seen him this way if it weren’t for Kaye and the Bento Mommas!

Get in touch with them! I swear, your kids would L-O-V-E it! They also provide bento kits and tools, bento tips and tricks, party catering and more! And this isn’t only for the kids - they hold private tutorials and workshops for those who want to learn. In fairness, bento-making will teach you a lot in terms of food preps, creativity, and having the patience to execute each aspect of the bento. With Bento Mommas, they can change how you view food!