An Afternoon with Floating Art

The holidays have been pretty busy for us. But nothing will get in the way of giving Yñigo his art time. That’s right.

As early as 1 year old, Yñigo has always shown an affinity for art.

He loved going crazy with his crayons - drawing on any piece of paper he can get. He would also ask everyone in our family to draw certain things - rocketships and airplanes being some of his favorite subjects. Eventually, as he grew older, we would expose him to different materials where he can go full-on creative and wild with his imagination. He loves to paint, especially when he also sees me do it! He actually learned all the colors at a young age just by art exposure.

I’m no artist. And I know you don’t have to be an artist to pass on the appreciation of art to your kid/s. However, given that Yñigo loves getting messy and being creative, as a parent, I always search for new things he can do so he can keep his hands busy.

So imagine how excited he was when he saw me bring home this Floating Art Kit from Tokyo Finds.


what is floating art?

Suminagashi (墨 流 し) or Floating Art is an ancient Japanese technique of painting on a special solution then transferring the design on paper. This form of art started over 2,000 years ago and continues to be a well-known practice in Japan today. Suminagashi which literally means “ink-floating” on water involves transforming the paint into a vibrant and colorful masterpiece.

This ancient art of paper marbling has been practiced not only in Japan but in different parts of Asia, Europe and the Islamic World. Japanese Artisan Tadao Fukuda can be seen here how he delicately brings this art form to life.


tokyo finds floating art kit

With @tokyofindskids Floating Art Kit, everyone can become a creative artist. Parents and children, regardless of age and level of creativity, can create unique designs and patterns. Start with few drops of paint, swirl them playfully on the floating solution and once ready transfer the final design on a piece of paper, fabric, wood, almost anything.

The kit includes the following:

  • 6 Floating Art Paint

  • 10 Sheets of Paper

  • Plastic Tray

  • Floating Art Powder + scooper

  • Tools to create patterns (scraper, stylus)

  • Instructions booklet

Tokyo Finds Kids Floating Art Kit

It’s pretty easy to set-up! You’ll have to mix the floating art powder with water first. Prepare 500 mL water in a separate container then add 2 scoops of the Floating Art Powder since this will serve as your thickening agent for the solution you’ll need to put the paint in. Shake the mixture until you don’t see any white particles anymore. Your goal is to achieve a clear and thick gel-like liquid which will allow the paint to float on water.

We suggest you do this a day before you plan on having this activity with your kid so that the solution can settle and be ready for when you create artworks!

Eventually, when you have this prepared, you can go all out with your kids. Yñigo takes directions well from Bobby and I so he is already wary of not eating the paint. If you plan on doing this with younger kids, please do keep an eye on them to prevent them from putting the thick gel-like liquid and the paint in their mouths!

how it went

Yñigo loved creating his masterpieces with the Tokyo Finds Floating Art Kit! I mean, from the moment he saw the box, he was instantly hooked. So what more when we let him create art on his own! We weren’t able to take a lot of photos but here’s a video summarizing our experience with it!


Our Masterpieces

The Tokyo Finds Floating Art Kit is not just a creative outlet but a great bonding experience for you and the whole family. Let your child’s creative journey begin within the home. Don’t be afraid to get messy once in a while because at the end, it’s fundamental to their holistic development!

If you’re wondering where you can purchase this, it’s available at Fullybooked, Vista Mall KKPW, Hobbes and Landes, The Craft Central, Art Bar, Kids Ink, Noteworthy, Rustan’s and @artisanmnl! The kit retails for about P 899.00!

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