Toddler Travel Essentials

Traveling with toddlers can be quite intimidating especially for first-time parents (like ourselves).

I remember the first time we traveled (we did our first out-of-town trip via car), I filled up the whole back space of our car (an Innova) - we had his stroller, a hipseat carrier, a bunch of bags filled to the brim with all his necessities - wipes, snacks, toys, books, diapers, extra clothes, blankets, repellant, a bunch of meds for whatever, baby-friendly dishwashing, balms, and so much more. We even brought his small tub because we weren’t sure how to give Yñigo a bath without it.

I guess that’s what happens when you’re first-time parents - you just want to make sure everything will be there in case you need it. It gives you a sense of relief.

But as he grew older, Bobby & I learned that we can survive with a few things.

This is normally what our toddler’s toiletry kit looks like. We bring ‘em everywhere we go!

Lassig PH

Lassig Turtle Wildlife Washbag

Ready, set, go! Kids can take their care products to any place they want thanks to the toiletries bags that are available in different designs suitable for girls and boys. Toothbrush, toothpaste and other small applicators can be put in the two net pockets inside. The loop for hanging is a practical extra. The Mini Washbags are available in six different designs.

What the inside looks like!

What the inside looks like!

Strap to attach to your bag or stroller!

Strap to attach to your bag or stroller!


For cleaning, bathing and swimming

Other things we bring with us are the following:

123Baby by Cusina - travel size edition for cleaning his food containers and bottles and all other things he uses

Mustela Hydra Bebe - provides an immediate, long-lasting moisturizing effect so we normally apply this to Ynigo before and after going out and being under the sun for so long. It strengthens the skin barrier and leaves the skin feeling silky, supple and even softer thanks to its Avocado Perseose®

Pure Bebe Baby Oil from Simple Mama - we always apply baby oil on him before he bathes or swims! Made with Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)!

Mini Wet Wipes - wipes will always be a necessity no matter what!



Baby Dove Soap Bar - We’ve been using Baby Dove for so long and even my mom trusts it. It hasn’t failed us yet. Yñigo always smells so fresh!

Little Tree Toothpaste and Toothbrush - Ever since they entered the Philippine market, I’ve been religious in using Little Tree. Yñigo’s teeth are well taken care of and I love how little they are for us to bring everywhere. We use the Green Apple flavor!

Bambini Ocean Kisses Baby Cologne - Y’s very pawisin so at this point, I love him smelling fresh. This cologne reminds me so much of what I used when I was a kid!

Indigo Baby Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me Insect Repellant - As the name suggests, it’s for making sure the mosquitos don’t feast on my son! For those of you tired of that strong citronella smell, this lavender, geranium, eucalyptus and citronella-based insect repellent is heaven in a bottle. It’s a light non-greasy milk lotion in spray travel size bottles!

Human Nature Nappy Creme - We bring it with us wherever we go just in case he gets irritated down there haha! It’s very effective!

Tiny Buds After Bites Soothing Gel - I bring this not just for Yñigo but for all of us since we all use it! Apart from oil and all-natural kit, I keep this soothing gel in Y’s bag for any emergencies. We travel to places that can be full of insects and other little creepy crawlers!

Doterra Oil Set - I am a strong believer in oils. We’ve had these oils since Yñigo was 2 and we would replenish it when we can! We bought this from Doterra Philippines in one of the Mommy Mundo events and grabe, the Sleep Well blend works like a charm especially when Yñigo finds it hard to sleep at the places we go to or stay at. It makes him more calm and relaxed!


That’s it! A little show-and-tell for you to see what we bring whenever we travel with our kulit almost-four-year-old! The items in his kit vary depending on where we go. Maybe we should open a legitimate Youtube channel so we can do a bag raid of our travel needs!

Hope you enjoyed! If you have finds you want to share, or tell us what you bring on your trips, or maybe new stuff you know, leave a comment down below!