Mother-Son Bonding with The Little Whisk

I’ve always been envious of moms, friends and even Bobby, because of their innate talent in cooking & baking.

I grew up with titas and my parents preparing hearty meals at home — but I guess that gene wasn’t passed on to me. I can’t say I’m terrible at it… but I guess my palette is not equipped to know whether I put the right amount of sugar, set the fire to the correct temperature (open flame cases), or if there’s something missing. I do, however, can claim to be good at devouring food like there’s no tomorrow. Hahaha. Kidding aside, I’m not writing this because I suck at preparing meals… but because I found another way to bond with Yñigo in the kitchen that doesn’t require me to turn on the stove.

Ang Buhay Lokal | The Little Whisk

I was going through Instagram the other time until I stumbled upon posts of The Little Whisk and their cookie decorating sets… I told myself “Why not give it a try?”. It gives me a reason to work with food, while it satisfies Yñigo’s need to be messy (yes, he’s that kid).

Credits to The Little Whisk

I order through Maggie Agustin, the brilliant baker goddess of the South. She was so accommodating and I’ve been a secret fan of her work. First time I got my hands on one of their cookies, I couldn’t forget it. I think I first had them back inn 2016 in one of School of Styling’s workshops! Hihihi. Not only is she a great baker, but she’s an amazing artist. Her cookies look too good to eat! Grabe iba talaga kamandag eh.

Fast forward to last Sunday, I whipped out the cookie-decorating kit which looks like this below:


Cookie-Decorating Kit

6 cookies (gingerbread man & Christmas stockings cookies)

5 colors of icing (black, white, red, green, brown)

2 packs of sprinkles (different kinds)

Set of instructions

I set up some table runners to protect the table from the icing… well more of Yñigo. It was a first for both of us since we’ve never decorated cookies before. This activity honestly made me more appreciative of the hard work that bakers, cooks and those in the food industry go through. You really need so much patience and precision to create dishes. This is why I am at awe with Bobby and everything he does. He’s a natural!

Just so happy with all of this. We didn’t do it perfectly. It was really messy - it went to our chairs, the icing was scattered around the table, but we did enjoy every single moment. I guess what I could say is that activities such as cookie-decorating does help foster family togetherness. In fact, it also makes Yñigo more expressive when it comes to his creative side, and also allows him to focus on something he’s doing.

Baking cookies (or in this case, decorating ‘em) with kids can take an ordinary afternoon and make it extraordinary. It is an opportunity to share time, teach life skills, create delicious results and build memories that will last a lifetime. Although having kids do something as messy and inconvenient as this is not necessarily favorable - the positive effects totally outweigh all the hassle. Teehee!

some snapshots from our cookie-decorating session

Ang Buhay Lokal | The Little Whisk
The Little Whisk PH

P.S. The Little Whisk is officially sold out for the whole month of December but they are still open for customization and orders. Earliest delivery will already be on January 5, 2019!

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