The Art of Hustle

If there's one thing I learned through the course of being a mom, and a millennial in the workforce, it's that even when you feel that everything is just too much, you'll find that this pressure you're experiencing would actually be a driving force for you to do more. To create, to conceptualize, to concretize ideas. To pursue something that gives you a sense of fulfillment, a sense of purpose.

Whether it's a project you've been so passionate to start on, or maintaining a blog for the sake of writing, you'll realize that the amount of time you put in your normal, working job will bring about the need to start hustling on the side. I've been blessed to have a full-time remote job, some side freelance gigs, a cause-driven business, and my son to keep me busy these days. But the more I pour my time into all these, the more my heart tells me to do moreDo you feel that way sometimes? Do you feel something tugging you and telling you, "Heylet's come up with something"?

I've been lucky to meet a lot of people in my life, but I want to take this time to talk about a lovely lady. The creative writing genius I have the privilege of calling my friend, and the woman behind @cofficehunterChristina Advincula.

Tin and I are actually batchmates from high school - but we were never classmates, nor even acquaintances back then. We officially met last year when she messaged me on Instagram... or I think I commented on one of her posts, which prompted her to do so. It's pretty vague, but yeah, one day, we met - we set a date to work remotely together, with her "coffice husband" and brilliant man behind Dthree DigitalHans Ali.


Several coffee dates, late night talks planning our lives, our passion projects and all that stuff, I can definitely say Tin is such an amazing girl. Like, if I cut her brain open, there will just be an overflow of pure intelligence and creativity (morbid, but that's kinda true). I've always admired her determination in anything she does. She juggles a lot of things as a freelancer, and yet, she took the time to build Coffice Hunter through her blog, her Instagram, and the community that formed through all of her effort. 

I personally believe her vision for this brand was unique. I mean, what better way to find good places to work around the Philippines, career advice and all things millennials in the working force have to know than by going to her channels... or by asking her herself? Being her friend has been a privilege - I mean, can you imagine how our dates go? We literally spend most of our time planning our lives out. When I feel like I'm losing myself in all the craziness, she really knows what to say to keep me grounded. I'll always love her for this!

Which leads me to why I wrote this in the first place. 


The Art of Hustle

art of hustle workshop.png

Tin is having a workshop on June 16, 2018 (Saturday) called The Art of Hustle with Hans Ali and Marjorie Yoro.

To give a proper introduction, Marjorie Yoro is a freelance digital marketer crafting data-driven strategies to streamline and fulfill any businesses' goals. She also runs FocusPaperies that provides all sorts of workbooks for digital marketers, freelancers and such.

Anyway, I'm pretty excited to share details of this. Tin has been talking about this for months now, and now, it's coming to life. OMG. I literally am just so proud of this woman.



Who is this for?

What is the art of hustle? It’s for people (like me) who are working full-time that want to start a side hustleIt's also for hustlers who want to improve marketing their online businesses, people who want to monetize their passion projects, or just for anyone who wants to learn.


June 16, 2018
2:00 - 5:00 PM

The Other Room
17 Malingap St Teachers Village, Quezon City

Workshop Fee (includes food & drinks):

  • Regular - Php 500

  • Early Bird (until June 4) - Php 300

  • Bring a Friend - Php 800

There are only 20 slots availableso better to sign up while there are a few left!

You may sign up at!


That's it! Definitely going to be there to support them!! Congrats Tin! Love you, as always!