Rosalie's Bibingka: A Kakanin Heaven

At first bite, gusto ko lumamon or eat everything in the pack. How can suman taste that good?


I can still remember the time when mom first brought Rosalie's suman and bibingka home. I've always been the type to love all sorts of kakanin... but there was something different about this.

Whether it's for pasalubong, special occasions, or pang-merienda at home, Rosalie's Bibingka Store in Marilao, Bulacan has become a one-stop shop for Filipinos looking into satisfying their kakanin or Filipino delicacy cravings. You can find all the kakanin, cookies, biscuits and other local delicacies.

Look at all the things they have:

Among its specialties are Green Suman, Bibingka, which is topped with their very own coconut milk sauce concoction. Also available are sweet treats like the famed Silvanas from Dumaguete, homemade atchara, and even taho! There's sapin-sapinbiko, putominatamis na garbansos and beansleche flan, fruit salad, kutsinta, cassava cake, bikojalaya or halaya (ube), tikoy and a whole lot more.

Below are our faves from this kakanin heaven!


Sans Rival Silvanas

Yñigo is a big fan of this. He would sneak to our ref, get the box, and open it on his own to devour the sweet goodness of silvanas.

Before, we had to order online or through our friends / acquaintances that would frequent Dumaguete. Nice to know its here!

Price: P 265+ / box


The Famous Rosalie's Suman

This sweet treat is just packed with coconut shavings, smokey "latik" and pandan essence. Perfect when warmed, this snack will definitely put a smile on your face.

Price: P 130 / pack


Toasted Pastillas

We never knew this snack ever existed until we saw it with our own eyes. Smokey, Sweet and Bitter all at the same time, this will surely leave you wanting more.


Suman Heaven

With so many varieties to choose from; some with coconut, some with pinipig, some in different flavors and some that leave you nostalgic; this assortment of rice treats will leave your eyes wandering and your stomach grumbling for hours.


That's basically it.  We live an hour and a half away from this place so if anyone wants to go with for a suman run or just check out all the Filipino snacks, delicacies and other yummy stuff they have there, go to Rosalie's Bibingka

more information

Rosalie's Bibingka
Bulacan Brgy. Patubig, Marilao, Bulacan
0917 796 3610