#RJTriesVideoMaking 30-Day Challenge

It’s been a while since we wrote here but I’m glad I’m finding time to share what’s been happening. Last November, I decided to challenge myself to create 30 videos over the span of 30 days so that I can learn how to make videos.

No, I don’t want to be a vlogger or Youtuber. If you knew us, we hate being in the spotlight. I think Yñigo is the only one in the family that doesn’t mind being in front of a camera all the time.

However, I do want to learn something I know I’m not so good at. I’ve always been fascinated with people in the video prod industry who create seamless, thumb-stopping content. I really admire Adi Amor & Matthew Azada - people we’re lucky enough to call our friends who we consider family.

We always joke how Adi is our pusher friend. Ever since college, she would always push me to do stuff. She loves it when I go out of my comfort zone and when I do things that I love. Sakit ko nung college kasi is that people pleaser ako. So I always get tired and drained… asking myself “Why do I do this?”…

Taking footage with    Matthew Azada    in Abra

Taking footage with Matthew Azada in Abra

With    Adi Amor    in Ilocos Sur! Fun Fact: We’ve known each other since 2010

With Adi Amor in Ilocos Sur! Fun Fact: We’ve known each other since 2010

Adi was and will forever be that girl I go to when I need a push because she will never take NO for an answer. In fact, she would always tell me this:

Do what makes you feel alive, driven and passionate about life. Don’t let anything stand in your way because any excuse is still an excuse at the end of the day. You’re not going to be happy if you continue to make yourself a slave for others. Learn to put yourself first. Love yourself, the people (or things) that matter most to you.

And I do agree. If I put my creative potential in things that aren’t mine, I’ll burn out and question my decisions. It’s true though - I’ve gotten to this point a handful of times, so I decided to really put a lot of heart, effort and training in everything I do for Ang Buhay Lokal since in essence, this is something I am doing not only for my family, but for myself.

Matthew has always been a demi-god in our eyes. Bobby would agree with me on this. He literally is the smartest person we know in terms of skill, knowledge and capabilities. Not only did he grow his influence through the videos he put out, but he got me interested with learning how to do video.

He shares some tricks he taught himself when he first started with video. But what I appreciate most is the encouragement. Let’s be honest, if you’ve seen his videos, you’ll know I’m nowhere close to where he is… but the mere fact that he helps me with this learning journey is more than enough. I hate doing things I’m not used to (i have issues haha). But in doing so — we grow, we learn and we adapt.

i learn how to do video

So the #RJTriesVideoMaking is my way of keeping this mom-brain of mine functional and sane.

I’m not taking any classes nor do I have a hands-on mentor. To be honest, I just watch a bunch of people who do video content. From Youtubers to Instagram influencers, and even those that I just randomly see online. It helps to binge on Youtube especially if you want to learn how to piece things together, how to go about transitions, or if you need help deciding which clips to include and not include in a video you’re making.

I am thankful to see the improvement over the last 13 videos I’ve done. I promise to upload all… hopefully before 2018 ends. But let me share with you what I’ve done so far!


(click up here 👆🏻)

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 6.12.33 PM.png

Here are 2 of our favorite ones

A video compilation of all the different places we’ve gone to!

All about our Paoay Adventure we did exactly a year ago!

things I’ve learned so far

IT IS NOT EASY. I used to think that for as long as you film whatever, you can get good enough videos. WRONG. There’s a lot of conceptualization and brainstorming that goes into a video. I’m not much of a talker on-cam so I really can’t achieve vlogging — so I just work on snippets of my days with my boys, local travel, and product + experience highlights. But to even make one, you really have to ask yourself:

  • What do you want to see in the video?

  • Should you shoot things in this angle? How about this?

  • What do you want your audience to feel when they watch it?

Now, I’m more mindful with what I shoot. I have a harder time editing videos with footage dating 2016 because literally, I would take videos of the most random things, moments haha.

I NEED A BETTER EDITING SOFTWARE. Well not right now. Maybe when I feel like I’ve mastered taking footage.

YOU DON’T NEED A GOOD CAMERA. A lot of people have been messaging and commenting on how nice the camera was. Actually, I would use my phones at that time… like most of the footage I’ve put out were videos taken from my mobile. Amazing, right? HAHA. But seriously, a vlogger couple, Omni & Bryce did tell me that you don’t necessary need good equipment. You just need a good concept - something that you would like people to watch.

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC. Well, personally, I love watching videos with really nice music. It’s hard to find nice ones online but I normally search royalty-free music on Youtube. I normally use this type of music selection - edm (electronic dance music) that’s chill with good tunes that you can bob your head to.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. I thought I never had it in me to do this. 13 videos later, I’m getting the hang of it. You really need time, dedication and patience to make good videos. You need the focus - where to put proper transitions, how one clip changes to another after a beat, and such.

I make videos because I want to remember moments in our lives... and have memories that we can literally replay over and over again.

DON’T GIVE UP AND BE TAMAD ABOUT IT. Work was a handful by the time December rolled in - which meant me spending less time on personal stuff. But now that I’m on break, I’m already continuing this 30-video challenge. Hopefully by next year, I can commit to releasing a video a week??? Basta, key is to not be lazy about it. The moment you become lazy, wala na. Matitigil ka.

DO CONTENT BECAUSE YOU WANT TO. You gotta have your priorities straight. To be honest, there are a lot of people who want to start blogging or vlogging because of the “luxe” life they see from veterans. I started creating videos not just to add variety to the content I do, but because I want my son to look back and see the things we did in his younger years. Memories that I can literally replay over and over again.

So I guess that’s it! I’ll do a part two of this post where I put the stuff I use, the software I rely on, and how I pick out the music. Or maybe I’ll make a video out of it. Who knows… But do visit our Instagram and Facebook page for more videos. Promise I’ll try to make them look good.


UPDATE: With so much work to finish and the holidays coming up, I wasn’t able to do the 30 day challenge consecutively… However, I am still making videos and I want to share the one I’m post proud of to date because it literally sums up who we [Bobby, Yñigo, and I] are, what we do, and what we want to show to those who visit our “online homes” a.k.a Facebook, Instagram and this very website!