Pantene to the Rescue
If there’s something I find difficult to manage, it’s taking care of my hair.

So many external factors affect your hair, especially when you're living in the Philippines... and if you're a lakwatsyera like moi. Imagine the kind of damage your hair can generate when it's exposed to wind, humidity, salt water, sweat (when you're doing all sorts of activities), and most especially the heat on a regular basis!

Intense heat from the sun can cause real damage to both your hair and scalp. In fact, the Solar UV index regularly rises above average, especially in tropical countries such as the Philippines. It can dehydrate your hair, break down its essential proteins, and much much more.

So if this is the norm with people with healthy hair and scalps, can you imagine what it does to mine?


Story Time, Folks..,

I'm not kidding. My hair + scalp have always been so sensitive. Growing up, mom would tell me stories that I would be made fun of because of my hair & scalp problems - itchiness, flakes, and it easily bleeds whenever it's scratched. Before, my falling hair was at an all time high. Thank god for having thick strands - so even when it fell out, I always looked like I had a lush head of hair.


Color, color

Of course, things worsen for me when I started coloring my hair at 18 years old. I didn't care. Tiis ganda talaga, but after 7 years of doing that, I realized how important it is to find the right hair care tools to treat your hair with love.

I tried a lot. From the usual products we hear most people use, to all-natural ones, up until I had to resort to medicated shampoo and conditioner.

But despite all of that, there was always a trade-off.

Example: The itchiness and flakes lessen, but my hair is so stiff. Sometimes, my hair ends up being smooth, but I would notice my scalp prone to wounds even if I lightly scratch it. I resorted to medicated shampoo and conditioner just to lessen the weird shit happening to my hair and scalp.

Point is, kadiri at high maintenance ulo ko. HAHA.

Okay, so going back...

I mean, of course whenever we travel, I bring the necessities: soaps, shampoo, lotion etc. As a matter of fact, I've slowly shifted to using organic products. But if there's one thing I always have difficulty with, it's finding the right conditioner.


millennial party with pantene

I got a chance to attend an event with these #girlbosses a few weeks back in this very millennial gathering! Was with Tin Advincula (@cofficehunter), Roxci De Leon-Vergara (@signedbyroxci), Adi Amor (@itsadiamor), and Phylicia Pineda (@_phyliciamarie) for the launch of the new and limited edition Pantene UV Rescue Shampoo and 3 Minute Miracle conditioner!

It was an afternoon of good food, party music, and a bunch of millennials. Plus we got to meet the brand ambassadors: Say Tioco, Alodia Gosiengfiao, Joyce Pring, Gabbi Garcia, Jasmine Curtis Smith, Anna Cay and Dennise Lazaro

We learned so much! The Pantene UV Rescue can protect your hair from the sun, chlorine from swimming pool, and salt from beach water—elements that can severely damage your hair especially during the hottest season of the year. Actually, it was so cool that they featured a synchronized swimming team to show us what it can do!! Plus, it was my first time seeing something like this in person.

Overall, the whole event communicated the power these products offer. I mean, from a PR-girl perspective, everything was streamlined, and the message was strong.

Now the question is, does it really work?


Pantene to the Rescue

The Pantene UV Rescue offers a three-phased approach to prepare your hair BEFORE contact with sun and heat stressors, shield damage DURING contact, and then repair, replenish and rehydrate hair AFTER sun exposure and contact with salt or chlorinated water.

So if you're the type to travel, this would really come in handy considering all sorts of things we expose our hair to just by going around this tropical country.


But my favorite discovery was how the Pantene UV Rescue 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner has become the perfect match for my hair and scalp. I've been using the conditioner religiously for 1.5 months now... and I can't say anything bad about it. I just finished my first tube, and already stocked up bottles here at home.

Not only can it repair 3 months’ worth of hair damage, but it has found a way to lessen the flakes, itchiness and dryness of my hair & scalp. Plus, it's infused with the power of an ampoule that can add further hydration to your hair and instantly boost its smoothness and shine. Not sure if it's just me, or if it's totally legit - but for me, it works



Products have different effects on the person using it, so I won't conclude that this is the answer to your problems. Though I can vouch for it. I even told my friend from P&G based in Singapore that it works - and he knows how brutally honest I can be when I talk about products. Walang kai-kaibigan, basta totoo lang.

So for someone who spends her time exposing her colored hair & sensitive scalp to harsh conditions (a.k.a like me), this may be your key for overall protection - not just for summer, but all year round! I know I found my match.

Will tell you in a few months if the results are still consistent! Plus, will be testing this when I go to the beach next week, so stay tuned and I'll update you guys about it!