Pahingahan in Calatagan, Batangas

Just last weekend, my colleagues invited us to an out-of-town. Ever since I met them in 2016, this is the first time that our plans actually pushed through. Gladys & Sonia were mainly the ones who planned this whole trip.

We’ve been yaya-less for two weeks now and Bobby & I were contemplating real hard if we should bring Yñigo or not. Good thing Y’s Lola a.k.a my mom offered to watch him over the weekend (thank you, Ma!). So off we went to Calatagan without any real plan except for some unplugged time with friends over good food, good music and a drink or two (hahaha well the others had a little too much)!

My officemates (both current and alumnae) a.k.a the Chiquititas (a name one of us dubbed ourselves because we were all sabaw titas deep inside) were too funny to be with. It was my first time seeing them go “all-out” - well, pwede na… at least hindi kasing walwal ng past ko. While the others were having fun singing and dancing to their K-Pop Tunes, Bobby and I found a spot and used a worn-out tarp as a mat and sat down — watching the stars, chilling to Afrojack (because ang galing nya) and reminiscing about how we used to be before parenthood.

We couldn’t sleep and ended up conversing with our dear friend Rej until four (4) in the morning! Intense.

But what is the whole point of me writing this? Well, just thought I’d share to you this pleasant place where you and your barkada can escape that won’t break the bank. In fact, you can even use this place to host family reunions, birthdays and whatever special occasions you want to celebrate far far far from the city!

pahingahan private resort in calatagan

Pahingahan is located in Coral Shores Subdivision in Calatagan, Batangas. My good friend (and #wrongmom friend for life) Gladys was the one who recommended this place. In fairness, you can do a lot of things here:

  • cook your own food (with their grill) - just bring ingredients like what we did

  • play volleyball (yup, may court and net sila pero not sure if they can provide the ball)

  • water activities since the house/resort is literally at beachfront

  • rent a boat (the caretaker can help you getting a boatman)

  • fly a drone (they’re not strict with it)

Calatagan Batangas

Loving the stillness of the morning

I didn’t really see the beauty of Pahingahan until morning! Woke up at 7:00 AM and headed out to the beach.


The rooms (which I forgot to take photos of) are not five star - but super sulit if you’re looking into staying in a decent, budget place. For the 10 of us (ang rami namin), we paid P 7,450++ for one night in a room which had beds enough for all of us to comfortably sleep in. There’s a bathroom downstairs (the bedroom will be in the second floor if you book the same room as ours) and then the showers are outdoor!

Oh! You also have to pay a fee of P 30 per person as an environmental fee. Don’t worry, I’ll break down the costs at the end of this post!

There’s no corkage with the food, and by the entrance of Pahingahan, there’s a little convenience store where you can get cup noodles, drinks, canned goods and etc!

What I appreciate about this place is that the waters are calm, clear and it’s not as congested as other parts of Batangas! The sand is pretty okay… I mean it’s not as dark as the ones in Zambales, nor as fine as the ones in Boracay… but it’s Batangas-sand as Bobby would like to call it. The water isn’t that cold - but it’s pretty rocky and grassy so better to have coral shoes on if you’re like me who’s afraid of not-knowing-what-you’re-stepping-in.


We did a bunch of things - but my favorite part was taking a boat and going to the sand bar and snorkeling area!

Ang ganda talaga ‘cause along the way, we saw thriving mangroves, and the water was crystal clear. Last time I was in Calatagan was about 6-7 years ago and I honestly don’t remember it being this clean. Better to just show you so you have an idea of how much fun we had. Felt bad that Bobby & I wasn’t able to bring the GoPro ‘cause I swear, I had a moment at open sea when I was swimming in the coral garden. I kept my distance and felt like I was one with the sea - and to think I have a fear of being in open water.

First out-of-town flight with our new baby, Tony Sprak.

First out-of-town flight with our new baby, Tony Sprak.



I gotta say I wouldn’t know what to do without them. They’ve kept me sane over the years - and yes, Bobby & I are truly happy to find lifelong friends in them!

I can’t really explain the kind of good vibes I had over the weekend - it was drama-free, responsibilities-free and I really enjoyed going out with my officemates na super “barkada” vibes. My teammates (ex & current) are the reason why I’m still breathing and surviving the industry we’re in! It’s fast-paced and I’m lucky to have found lifelong friends at work - like lahat sila mga dakilang Tita ni Ynigo!

So that ends my daldal on our recent trip to Calatagan. I underestimated you, Batangas. Promise, I won’t the next time I’m there. My boys and I promise to explore more of you!

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