Suite Life at City of Dreams

My boys and I aren’t the fancy kind of folks.

TBH, we stay away from 5-star hotels because we don’t really have room for that kind of luxury. But Mom loves staycationing especially when Dad flies home from Vietnam - so I remember the time she said “I booked us a room at Nobu Hotel in City of Dreams” - I kinda freaked out. I was so excited. I mean I don’t normally get to see or experience what it’s like [now] checking in fancy hotels.

As a kid, I was lucky enough to experience this ‘cause Dad’s job always had hotel stay perks. Now, I’ve forgotten the feeling. I remember the soft duvets you want to curl yourself in… the mattress you just want to sink on. Let’s not forget the TV that has a warm greeting for you as you make your way to the room.

Anyway, Mom brought us along so she could give Yñigo a taste of the suite life.

Nobu Hotel

The first-of-its-kind boutique Nobu Hotel in Asia opened at the City of Dreams Manila a few years back. It offers guests a whimsical take on laid back luxury. Stepping inside our room (we got the Nobu Deluxe) we were greeted with minimalistic decor, calming artwork and contemporary Japanese-inspired interiors - creating a tranquil and soothing mood that feels miles away from the bustling city of Manila!

what we did


Taste of the Suite Life

We didn’t really do much to be quite frank. We lazed around the hotel, sinking ourselves into the bed. Yñigo would try to spot airplanes from time to time [we could see the runways from our window]! His Lola and him devoured all the ‘welcome’ fruits haha. Ohhhh and of course, had dinner with both of my parentals after we picked up Dad from the airport.

Oh - when Ynigo fell asleep, my parents and I went to the casino because why not. Jk.


While we were there, we also took the time to stop by Dreamplay - a Dreamworks-themed play center that features a lot of interactive activity zones that kids can enjoy. Yñigo isn’t a big fan of the dark, so the dimmed lights inside kind of spooked him… but he got over it after a while. His favorite place to hang out in is the ballpit near Shrek’s Swamp Stomp. He can literally spend hours there without me worrying. Hahaha.

There are also other things like the How To Train Your Dragon slides (which in fairness, looks so fun — but it’s recommended for kids older than Yñigo… maybe 5 y/o and up). I was quite surprised when Mom slid one of the slides just to help Yñigo conquer his fear of the dark or of trying out new things. Hahaha.

But apart from the usual zones we go to, there’s a lot more like the Kung Fu Panda Thread of Enlightenment, Madagascar area featuring Whatever Floats Your Boat and Afro Circus, and the Gingerbread Making Place. It’s pretty fun.


Our Chill, Quiet Corner

I think once of my favorite things in Dreamplay is this family room where moms can breastfeed or put their kids to sleep in peace. There are also diaper changing stations which doubles as a napping station for moms, dads and babies who had a little too much fun.

It’s even decorated with illustrations of Dreamworks characters as little babies. Too cute!


That’s practically it! Gave Yñigo the taste of the suite life even if it was just for a day or so. Just happy that he was happy after everything. I think what mattered to him was that we were all together.

If you’re looking for a place to staycation at, or even spend unplugged time in the city, City of Dreams would have a lot of places to accommodate you - and a little something for everyone in the family!