Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens & Spa: Your Quick Getaway From Everything

Our padre de pamilya, “Papa Jojo” (as what our son refers to his grandfather as) was back in town. He wanted to unwind and do something special with all of us…. but we couldn’t decide where to go because (a) our schedules were all messed up, (b) we didn’t know if we should go somewhere far, and (c) we were just plain indecisive. Bobby & I did our research and suggested to go to Luljetta’s — ’cause it’s kinda near where we live, yet would still have that feeling of isolation from the city, which Papa Jojo wanted to begin with. There’s a spa, pools and a scenic view. Sakto, diba? What more can you ask for right? Also, Bobby was taking up classes at that time so a place near his school near the city was convenientI called them up, made a reservation for an overnight stay, and next thing we knew, we were on our way up to Antipolo


Luljetta’s hanging gardens and spa

Luljetta’s Garden Suites

We checked ourselves in at the Luljetta’s Garden Suites, which is actually separate from the spa so expect a short walk from the spa area to the suites. The room we got was the Family Suite Room which is basically:

  • two-story suite

  • 1 queen size bed on one room (1st floor)

  • 2 double sized beds (2nd floor)

  • inclusive of five (5) pax breakfast at Verde Restaurante

  • access to Loreland Farm Resorts

  • 5-hr access to Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens Spa

  • Php 12,450.00 / night on weekdays; Php 14,150.00 / night on weekends

Spent the whole day munching on food, swimming with my sisters, Bobby and Yñigo. Maalat lang siguro dahil umulan and Ynigo can’t take that long in the cold so umahon na rin kami. We want to share with you what you can expect in this hidden city getaway. The great thing about it is that the place imbibes what most people in the city look for — a space for relaxation, comfort and de-stressing. Let us give you a quick tour of Luljetta’s and show you why any family would love it there!


Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens & Spa

Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens & Spa is around 20 minutes from Antipolo Church, and 1-2 hours from Manila depending on the traffic. Tucked in the quiet barangay of San Roque, Antipolo, this place is a diamond in the rough. For those who don’t know, Luljetta’s was one of the first hanging garden spas in the metro. It has a commanding and picturesque view of Laguna de Bay & the Manila skyline. You’ll be greeted by a lot of things — the cool breeze, fresh air, birds chirping, and fluttering butterflies (if you spot them).

As a mother who constantly travels with a tot in tow, I tend to be very maingat wherever we go since Yñigo’s still pretty young. However, I had nothing to worry about when I was here. There are a lot of reasons why we instantly fell in love with the place. Here are some reasons why:


What A View

Whether you’re by their cafe, or enjoying their selection of pools, you will not fail to see the picturesque and unobstructed view of Sierra Madre, Manila, and Laguna Bay! We think the photos speak for themselves.


Apart from the view, get to enjoy different pools with your family and/or kids! 

We loved how this place had a lot to offer. From a cafe, sauna, to their hot jacuzzi, Buddha Lounge, hydro pools, fish spas, viewing deck, and infinity pool. They also offer relaxation packages that include mani-pedi’s, body scrubs and massages. The Luljetta’s Signature Massage is highly recommended and I can honestly say Bobby & I had one of the best massages ever. Their hands felt like they were built for you to relax. They offer more packages and services that you can view here.


Look, a Playground!

While we were playing for check-in, we ate at the Loreland Restaurant and saw a playground so we let Yñigo explore. The playground itself was pretty rusty already, but it would do.

Kids can unplug in their playground and interact with wildlife roaming around the area. It was Yñigo’s first time to slide down on his own. Just make sure to have some sanitizer (or wet wipes) nearby if you’re worried about the dirt and dust. Other than that, you’ll catch some horses grazing around. And if you’re lucky, maybe a flock of geese and birds near their aviary will head your way. Overall, this place is perfect for those who want their kids unplugged.


There are other fun activities you can try! The thing is that Luljetta’s is inside Loreland Farm Resort, which has about more than 4 pool areas with slides, and there’s also Camp Tipolo Adventureland where your whole family can enjoy a day of fun filled activities and adventure while enjoying nature’s blessings. They have obstacle courses that you can accomplish that promise to build on your family’s team spirit, communication, servant hood, leadership, cooperation, self-confidence, personality development, company morale, creativity and camaraderie. Pretty cool. Seems like you wouldn’t expect a place up in the mountains offer this much. Well, you got it all wrong.

*Sorry, we don’t have photos because it was raining and we weren’t able to see the other attractions. We got too immersed in our relaxation.


"Pinoy" Touches

You can see it in how the cabanas where made: the synthetic rattan furniture made by Pampanga craftsmen, wooden chairs / tables from Palawan, masonry from Pangasinan workers, flowering plants from Baguio, abaca droplights from Bicol, and soothing daybeds from Ilocos.


Every detail matters. It’s those quaint details that makes this place feel a little extra like home. Bobby & I are big fans of locally made items as each one is never truly made the same way, most are made by hand, by love. If we can only go around the Philippines and start collecting timeless pieces for our dream home, I would. Luljetta’s has a lot of things that makes me feel like it was already our home.


You’ll feel right at home. One of the things I really appreciated about Luljetta’s is that it gave every single one of us a chance to bond with each other. We’d play chess by the suites’ common area with crickets and frogs as our background music. We had fun getting [our feet] sucked, tickled and cleaned at the fish spa. I can’t recount how many times Yñigo’s shoes fell off; trying to use it to attract the fish. Not the point. At that time, we  felt that life was getting in the way of what truly mattered. We were deeply thankful for having this moment to unplug from the fast-paced world. To indulge ourselves to some well-deserved family time.

This place brought our family – my parents, my siblings, my boys – all into a space of love, relaxation and peace. When life gets too busy, we tend to forget that we need to allot time, effort and space for the family to recharge and reconnect.

The place can get busy during weekends. However, we highly recommend that you visit this lovely place at least once in your life. Allot a weekday if you must. If your fam needs a quick rejuvenating escape, head on over to Luljetta’s. This ideal getaway will surely have your family wanting for more.


The Verdict

Yñigo had so much fun being in his element; especially when Luljetta’s was surrounded by his two favourite things — water & nature. You can see how happy he was just running around — exploring with his senses, reaching places he’s all too new with, and being one with nature (somehow). As parents, we are strong advocates of allowing children to wander. Let their senses take them wherever they lead them to (with the parents’ guidance of course).

Our son discovered what fireflies were, the feeling of fish munching on your feet, and enjoyed the cityscape from a vantage point. Wouldn’t you want this for your own kids? I know we’ll want to recreate and make more memories here if we have new additions to the family in the far, far future.

So, again, if you are in need of a quick escape from the bustling city, then go here. We swear, it is worth the drive up.


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