Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Home to Jose Acuzar’s collection of restored Spanish-Filipino houses, and a four-hour drive away from the city, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is a reflection of Filipino craftsmanship intricately curated into a world-class historical haven.

Classic architecture, beautiful landscapes, and cultural routes through cobblestone roads - this place will take you back in time. Be transported to Old Manila’s glory days the moment you set foot at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar.

The first time I saw it online, I was immediately drawn to it. It reminded me so much of what the Philippines used to be… what it could have been. Life during that time might have been a little dull, slow, or even inconvenient, but things seemed simpler, more organized. Though living in the present is easier compared to the ’50s (what with all the technological advancements we’ve achieved), there’s something so attractive about the olden days. Nasasayangan talaga ako.


Ano kaya nangyari kung
nabuhay tayo Dati?

Anyway, Las Casas de Filipinas Acuzar is inspired by all of this. Jerry Acuzar, a businessman & developer, has a passion for historical architecture which motivated him to build Las Casas. He started going around the Philippines, looking for houses he could rebuild in this reimagined city. He has antique infrastructures from Nueva Ecjia, Laguna, Bulacan Pampanga, Tuguegarao, and Manila.

Las Casas RJ Dancel

There are many ways to explore Las Casas. You can stay for a few nights and go to each and every house. You can also opt for a day tour - which we did back in 2017.

Walking heritage tour

Schedule of Tours:
*MORNING – 8:30, 9:30, 10:30, 11:30
*AFTERNOON –1:30, 3:30, 4:30

Experience a unique heritage community that is brimming with history. Walk around the vicinity with their storytellers and have an immersive look at the casas’ stories. Consider the story of each building as puzzle pieces, that when put together, reveals a larger picture of what the Philippines was.

Tours are available for weekdays (Mon-Fri) and weekends (Sat-Sun). Each tour takes about an hour of walking around the property, subject to varying weather conditions. Wearing comfortable clothing and hats, as well as bringing umbrellas are highly encouraged. Prices range from P 1,500 - 2,500 depending on when you go and what type of tour you book.

When you book their tours, these perks are included:

  • Free access to majestic Hotel De Oriente

  • Use of raincoat during rainy season

  • Beach access

  • Bottled water or signature drink

  • Cold towel and map

  • Free kalesa ride and river cruise

las casas in squares

Las Casas Filipinas is not just about the showcase of these colonial houses. It is about the people behind these houses that gives it importance, the stories behind these houses, the kind of life Filipinos had during those times.

overnight stay


Aesthetic On Point

Just recently, my parents treated us to an overnight stay at Las Casas. We booked a Deluxe Room. Check-in is at 3PM while check-out is at 12PM.

This is probably the most “old-school-ish” room we’ve ever stayed in. Aesthetic kind of creeped me out a bit, but it was okay. I survived staying there for a night despite my paranoia and unnecessary fears. I mean when you open the door palang, you’ll see a bare space with an old cabinet to your side. You’ll have to pass this short hallway to get to the main room.

However, I was very pleased to see how modern conveniences fitted in — we had soft, comfortable beds and of course, the television and aircon. There were ample sockets to charge stuff, and space for Yñigo to run around and go crazy.

Complimentary items including coffee packets, toiletries, and slippers were provided.

Overall, our stay was pleasant. Ohhhh and we were also so close to the beach, which was perfect for us - Ynñigo can build sandcastles, while Bobby and I can have coffee and cigs (the beach is the only one with the designated yo-yo area).


Our recent stay in Las Casas was an escape I needed. I don’t need to ramble about the details. My boys and I haven’t travelled out of town in months - so to have this chance was really a blessing in disguise. We got to unplug as a family, and really take it slow even for just two days. We didn’t go to the beach because of the harsh winds and random drizzles throughout our stay - but we watched a gorgeous sunset, played tag with Yñigo, wrote our names in the sand, and kwentuhan hits with Bobby. During the evening, we enjoyed good Filipino cuisine, and strolled around at night to enjoy the dramatic, old-school lighting and the calm vibe.

I would stay again, maybe try another room - and bring along my #famsquad (a.k.a Dad, Mom, RR and Jaja) with me ‘cause it’s always fun to have them there.

That’s it, pancit, hope this entry helps! Las Casas is such a beautiful place - it’ll really make you appreciate our past, which we are lucky to somehow see in the present.


las casas filipinas de acuzar
Bagac, 2107 Bataan
(02) 833.3333 loc 116-117