A Guilt-Free Affair

It's been a while since I attended an event. To be frank, I get super anxious now at big gatherings - sometimes i feel like i don't belong. A few days before this, I got to chat with a kind soul Celine Gabriel, a woman I seriously admire not only for her resilience, her journey, but just her ability to connect with people. We were talking about my recent trip to Canada and then she mentioned about the #GuiltFreeAffair - which I was both excited and curious about!

ang buhay lokal honest junk ph

The following day, my boss-friend-mama Janice Villanueva and I made our way to Lampara in Poblacion (i’m a first-timer in Pobs haha). There, we learned what this guilt-free affair was all about. Honest Junk, Backyard Farms and Sexy Beast Juice gathered all of us to treat us to an afternoon of healthy & mindful eating, socializing and learning about the latest chikka from these three notable, respectable brands. But before anything, let me give you a primer on who/what they are:

honest junk ph

Honest Junk

It all started with two mom’s journey of finding healthy snack alternatives for their kids. This brand is very homegrown, where both Celine Gabriel and Tina Lagdameo pour their passions, effort, and love into.

They offer nut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, low sugar and low sodium gummies, cookies and so much more snackable treats that you can take anywhere and everywhere with you!

You can opt to personalize your honest junk goodies, or order through their shop online!

backyard farms ph ang buhay lokal

Backyard Farms

Backyard Farms was started by Tisha Ang-Dominguez, an advocate for healthy eating and lifestyle. As a mother, Tisha started farming in her own backyard in Sarangani because she wanted to ensure the quality of produce used for her family’s meals. Eventually, she brought this idea to Manila to make safe, all-natural meat accessible to people around the country.

The Backyard Farms chickens are pasture-raised. While commercial chickens are housed in cramped warehouses making them susceptible to diseases, Backyard Farms chickens are grown on farms and are given the liberty to roam freely in open areas. Because of this, the chickens are healthier and happier.

During the event, they launched all-natural, farm-raised pork - which we were all able to try through the dishes Lampara prepared for us guests!

sexy beast juice ph ang buhay lokal

Sexy Beast Juices

Formulated by the Philippine’s top celebrity food coach, Nadine Tengco, in collaboration with the country’s leading juice solutions company, each bottle of Sexy Beast is backed by science and extensive research, combined with industry gold standards in manufacturing and distribution.

All her juices are pressed with 14,000 psi of pressure to yield fresh-tasting flavours from the pulp and extract all vitamins and minerals from the produce.

You can also start a detox program with them by learning more about it in their website.

#GuiltFreeAffair  gave me an understanding of what mindful health really is - stuffing down not shit food, but food that will really detox, cleanse and rid yourself of negative juju. They opened my eyes to the reality of fast, commercialized food. Im not the fittest person (obviously) but after this event, I am slowly learning to be cautious with what I eat and what it means to indulge yourself through food - the right way! Thanks for having me there yesterday! It was an enjoyable and eye-opening experience. Definitely a reminder to be more mindful and think about what’s in the food that we put into our bodies!

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Honest Junk

Backyard Farms
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Sexy Beast Juice
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