Exploring The Wander Space

Nowadays, a lot of spaces are popping up wherein they bring together a wide array of local artisans to give them a collective space to showcase their work. I've seen consignment shops for apparel, bags and shoes. But there's a certain kind of appeal when you see homegrown businesses and passion projects all in one place. I feel like a girl in a candy store - overwhelmed with all the things to choose from, yet filled with so much happiness in my heart. You can even ask Bobby on this ~ When I hear about (or see) this kind of spaces, I really beg him to drive us there, or to stay with me. I will take hours just going around and admiring the kind of stuff other people are able to do. The frustrated artist in me manifests, but the grateful art admirer also comes out... who ends up buying everything she touches. I think that if I can't do art, or start something that homegrown, I should just buy and support these local businesses.

Don't you get so excited when you see handcrafted leather notebooks on display? What about personal oil blends, gift wrappers with digitalized art patterns, hand-carved stamps, or witty stickers?

Well I do. I'm honestly a sucker for these places. So can you imagine the bliss that I felt when I came across The Wander Space



Conceptualized with the modern day traveler & art enthusiast in mind (which is basically me haha), this art-filled concept store lies in the heart of Maginhawa Street in Quezon City. 



When you open the door, you'll be greeted by hand-painted signs, a row of dreamcatchers dangling over a grey teepee (similar to what we have at home), and a mix of paper airplanes, crafty mobiles, and lights hanging from the ceiling.

This space was founded by longtime partners Kim & Bam - who both share the love for wanderlust, adventures and unique finds. Actually, having talked to them, I found out that they originally started this because they wanted to fulfill a lifelong dream of their's: to go on a roadtrip in IcelandBut more than that, they created this because they wanted offer local entrepreneurs, artists, and more an actual space to display, and sell their products.


The Cafe

A quaint and cozy cafe sits at the end of the store where you can zone out to study or work or just have a coffee and pastry to catch up with family and friends. It's a no-shoes zone 'cause the whole "dining" place is filled a bunch of carpets, pillows and wooden crates. When Bobby and I were there, it was already full so we didn't get to try the food. However, we checked the menu and they offer pizza, pasta, pastries, and coffee (my weakness). Prices of the food+drink pairs start at P 185, iced drinks at P 130, and desserts at P 40 and up.


Our Finds


A pastel watercolor palette

It's a bit pricey but really worth it considering I paint everyday (a 2018 resolution of mine).


Handmade notebooks

I appreciate how this artist makes notebooks from different paper sources. I love the vintage look of this one in particular. Journaling is going to be easy for me.


Postcards galore

I just love postcards that showcase both art and places around the Philippines. I actually collect postcards (hehe fun fact).


What Else They Offer

One of my favorite things about The Wander Space is that they host a lot of activities, classes and workshops especially during weekends. Topics range from expressive journaling, travel photography, basic watercolor, writing in baybayin and many more. In fact, one of my friends, Roxci (who also has a blog called Signed By Roxcihas attended one of their workshops last year. Heard so much good feedback from her when I asked... and nakakainggit. I wish I had the time last year to participate in their workshops. But I'm really looking forward for what they have in store this 2018!

They also talks on travel & art, writing savvy resumes, film viewing, forums on love, and such.


Anything can happen in The Wander Space. Having this collective space to not only make connections with other like-minded people, but also gain so much learning and stories from just being there can be summed up to an experience truly unique from others. 

Learn more about the Wander Space here! Looking forward to our next visit - with the little one in tow this time!


* currently closed *

The Wander Space
Unit 3B, 80 Maginhawa Street,
Teachers VIllage East, Diliman,
Quezon City, PH 1101

Store Schedule:
Tuesdays to Sundays
1:00 PM - 10:00 PM