Crimson Resort & Spa in Boracay Island

Crimson Resort in Boracay Island exceeded our expectations, and gave us the ‘luxe’ island experience we were yearning for.

My parents always make it a point that they travel comfortably. They aren’t demanding, but they do like spoiling themselves especially when there’s something big to celebrate. In this case, we chose to stay at the Crimson Resort in Boracay to celebrate Dad’s birthday. Mom did some research (I helped) and we ended up booking here ‘cause it meets their need to experience ‘luxe’ island living.

When I heard that we were officially staying there, I kinda freaked. MINSAN LANG ITO. Hahaha tbh I’m grateful for my parents for letting my boys and I tag along wherever they go. Actually, habol lang nila talaga si Yñigo. Saling-kitkit kami ni Bobby. Though I must say, my mom made a perfect choice picking Crimson - so let me give you a preview of what it’s like staying there.

Crimson resort & spa, boracay island

Situated in the island's most exclusive location, Station Zero, Crimson Resort & Spa in Boracay Island is all about offering an ultra-exclusive getaway where it combines elegant contemporary architecture, landscape and interiors with natural materials such as sand, stone and wood - giving off a warm ambience of Filipino island living.

It boasts a private and undisturbed white sand beach and mystic clear waters. It’s secluded and pristine. In fact, you wouldn’t even feel you’re in the crowded Boracay that most of us know. The place itself is a 10-15 minute drive from Station 1, 2, & 3.

This luxurious 30,000 square-foot property is highly curated - each area showcasing what Crimson is all about! They have an undeniable passion in creating beautiful things with elements from international influences, while still upholding Filipino culture, design and hospitality.


welcome committee

Crimson has airport-transfers. They have a van to transfer you to the docking area, then another van meets you at Boracay Island to bring you to the resort.

Once you step out the car, you’ll be greeted by local performers, bracelets, and unlimited iced tea.

Checking in the hotel was pretty straightforward, and in fairness, wala namang hassle. They will ask for identification, a copy of your reservation, and if I’m not mistaken, a security deposit.

They have accommodating staff that will help you with your luggage, and escort you to your room. They’ll also show you (or point you) to important amenities and features of the place that I’ll share about later on.

the rooms

Spacious, elegant and absolutely inviting - my boys and I felt so at home with our room. Or maybe it was us ‘adjusting’ to sosyal hotel life haha. Mom booked two Deluxe Rooms. With its minimalist architecture and maximum attention to detail, each deluxe room is a haven in its own right. All rooms boast swathing sunlight from its fantastic floor-to-ceiling windows so you can stand in awe from the glorious views of the resort or garden.

They’re equipped with modern facilities including fully automated windows (our favorite), lighting and cooling systems, 55-inch LED TV, Nespresso Coffee Maker and high-speed WiFi. When you book, it comes with buffet breakfast at one of their restaurants, Saffron, from 6:30-10:30 AM.

Kwento time: I think this was Yñigo’s first time to see fully automated window blinds, so he couldn’t stop pressing them. I’m amazed kasi simple joy ito para sa anak ko. Nakakamangha eh. Actually, amazed talaga ako kasi ang hi-tech. Walang ganyan sa bundok namin or sa kahit anong lugar na natulugan namin pag nagtatravel kami.

the resort & its features

Apart from what you see here, we loved how there’s a lot of things for you to do here. For starters, there are numerous areas for the adults and kids to enjoy - from their pools, gardens, game rooms, library, children’s play area, private beach area, and so much more. The resort offers utilities to elevate your experience, like on-site kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, or those little sand-excavating contraptions kids can use. They also have other things [that come with additional charge] such as like island hopping in a private boat, snorkeling, scuba-diving, jetski-ing. Basta, the possibilities are endless. Literal yun.

Safety is highly valued. They have life-vests on-site for you to use, and there are a number of coastguards/lifeguards guarding over the swimming pools and beach area to make sure nothing goes wrong. For those who want to go kayaking, or stand-up paddle boarding, the nice kuyas there will even help you. Perimeters are also marked so that you don’t go beyond the ‘safe’ zone.

Aum Spa Crimson Boracay Massage

Once-In-A-Blue-Moon Donya Life

Minsan lang ako magpaka-bourgeois so I treated myself to a massage on the beach.

Aum Spa offers authentic, unique, and meaningful therapies that promise to relax, restore, and energize your mind and body. Pause and restart your vacation with a well-deserved treat.

It was honestly one of the best massages I’ve had - considering I frequently do get a massage. So may gauge naman ako of what’s good and not good. My boys knew how zen I was here, so hinayaan muna nila ako maging donya before I snap back to nanay mode.

P.S. Wala na akong paki sa katawan ko at this point. Sorry for those who are disturbed by my fats, hahaha.


Our Favorite Dish

Indulge in gustatory delights amidst an idyllic setting for families and friends to commune. Saffron Café is Crimson Resort & Spa Boracay’s all-day dining international buffet restaurant with numerous interactive show kitchen theaters and beverage counters serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We ate here most of the time. The dish you see on the right - yup, that was our favorite dish. I think it was pork chop or liempo (?) haha. I’m not good with food, nor remembering what dishes are called. Basta, ang sarap.


Overall, it lived up to what we expected. Excellent service, excellent food, excellent rooms. I honestly have nothing bad to say about this place. It wasn’t crowded. It was far, far, far away from all the tourists. The beachfront was perfect - gradients of blue across the ocean as its waves incessantly kiss the shore.

If I could, I would go to Boracay and just stay here and spend endless days with my boys. This has become our luxe home in Boracay, and I intend on coming back. Hoping I get to save up and bring my boys here again.



crimson resort & spa boracay
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