Corregidor: A History Trip For The Family

Bobby & I are not travel experts… but we sure love exploring the country. We want to share our stories (and make more along the way), thus the birth of this website.

Writing this was “weird” but fulfilling. I guess it’s because Bobby, Yñigo and I didn’t go here together. It was more of a “solo trip” (with other people). Hahaha. Siguro ang labo ko sa paningin niyo but trust me, when I visited Corregidor, it instantly that made me go like “Shet, I should have brought Bobby & Yñigo here. Sayang. Oh well, next time nalang.”

If you’re looking for the following…

  • Quick escape with the family that’s not too far from the city

  • A place you can take via boat (maybe you’re sea-lovers like my boys)

  • A not-so-time-consuming trip

  • Historical feels of a place

One of your best bets would be Corregidor!

Corregidor Map
Ang Buhay Lokal - Corregidor


For those who need a little info on Corregidor, it is a small rocky island nestled more than 40 kilometres west of Manila. During World War II, when the Japanese were trying to occupy us, Filipino & American soldiers bravely defended our country from this vantage point since it was strategically located at the concourse of Manila Bay. It served as a headquarters for the Allied forces and seat of the Philippine Commonwealth government. The remnants from what transpired during the world war are now silent, and the ruins of buildings, infrastructures, and tunnels in the island tell a very moving story of a war that claimed so many lives. Today, it serves as a memento to all those who fought head-on for our motherland, displaying courage, valor and heroism.

The violent past of this island has made it infamous for eerie, scary encounters. It’s something ghost or supernatural enthusiasts would love to go to… but I’m not one of them. However, I’d highly recommend you book this place if you want to give a quick history field trip for your kid/s. If you’re planning to go, make sure to book through Sun Cruises Philippines. They offer a selection of rates that can cater to what your family’s looking for. I’ll be sharing more below but let me give you an inside peak of my Corregidor experience.

When the boat reached the shores of this intriguing island, everything was perfect — it wasn’t too hot [yet], and the vibe just went through my body, hitting the train. I took the chance to capture the clear skies and ocean view. Typical Filipino turista mode. Now, just to give you an idea of what to expect, the tour will take you to the following places: Middle Level Barracks, Battery Hearn, Battery Way, Battery Crocket, Battery Grubbs, MacArthur Statue, Topside, Pacific War Memorial Museum, Corregidor Light House, Malinta Tunnel, and Japanese Garden of Peace.

Mile Long Barracks (2nd Floor)

Mile Long Barracks (2nd Floor)

The place is oozing with significant marks of a time when the world was at war, and memories of people who have fought for the country’s freedom; those who gave up their lives for the Philippines. Well, a lot of the Japanese soldiers died there too, and from what I heard [well, Bobby shared with me], something terrible happened here during Marcos’ time.

Though Corregidor seems like a lifeless body left floating in the ocean by the evils of war & conflict, the island’s stories manifest themselves through the ruins of the old hospital, training grounds, living quarters, and the dark tunnels leading to god-knows-where. The serenity you feel when the silence of the island meets the sea is just ahhhhhhh. Forgive me for my attempt at being poetic, but I am at awe with everything I saw. Some people think there isn’t much to do in Corregidor, but this heritage site is special. That’s something I could see myself always coming back to with my boys in tow.

five historical sites to look forward to

Ang Buhay Lokal Corregidor 2
Battery Way Corregidor

quick tips for traveling with kids

I may seem repetitive in the next entries, but I want to create this segment so that you remember key things when traveling to a place [in this case, Corregidor]. Now, as a momma of a almost two year old, there would be a lot of things to consider when going to any destination. Here’s 5 quick reminders for you to know if you’re going to this island:

  1. Water and other amenities may be expensive on the island so best if you put together baon for them. Get a bento box and fill it in with a lot of yummy snacks to help your tots get by the day. Also, water is a must to keep them hydrated.

  2. Bring a carrier especially if you’re more comfortable baby wearing your tot around. You can also bring a stroller if you think it’ll be easier for you.

  3. If you tend to get sea sick, or want to be ready in addressing any injuries, make sure to prepare a first aid kit containing band-aids, betadine, cotton balls. Bobby & I make sure to bring essential oils also for bug bites, dizziness or muscle pain.

  4. Have a line-up of activities to keep them busy just incase they aren’t fond of the place. Bobby & I make sure to bring Yñigo’s fun & outdoorsy essentials like a soccer ball, bubbles, toy truck or coloring materials so he can keep his hands & feet occupied.

  5. For the parents, don’t forget to bring a camera or something to document everything. However, be mindful that the trip is not just for you to take photos and share them on social media. No. Be in the moment with your kid/s. Play catch with them, explore the island together, and be unplugged. You & your family will get the most out of any destination if you do so.

sun cruises philippines

There are numerous ways to go about exploring this rich, historical island. The Historical Tram Tour is the way to go, especially for families who don’t want to get stressed walking with kids around. This includes roundtrip ferry transfers, entrance fee, guided tour guide on the tram and a lunch buffet. This is recommended for those who don’t like the hassle of going around the island carrying everything. You don’t need to worry if your kids are getting bothered or distressed by the heat (especially during the summer). The weather can be unpredictable, so having a “roofed” vehicle would help a lot.

boat schedule

Check-in Time for the boat transfer is between 6:30 to 7:00 in the morning, then you’ll have to wait for 3o minutes to an hour for boarding. The boat usually leaves on time, but they try their best to wait for everyone. “Filipino time” can cause delays especially for those taking too much time preparing their kids, or those who haven’t finished packing the diaper bag. Remember, they only allot an ample time to be sensitive to those who are already on-board so they don’t get too bummed out waiting.

Boat ride takes around one and a half hours. The boat has a mini-tindahan where you can order drinks, snacks and meals to get you (or your kids) by. The boat leaves at the scheduled time of 8:00 AM, and ETA to Corregidor is around 9:30 AM. 


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