Comfort & Goodness with City Chef PH!

I'm not a chef. Nor do I know how to cook. Well, not completely 'cause I can cook simple dishes, and microwave stuff. Good thing I have Bobby. In fact, most people always tell me, "Ang swerte mo kasi di mo na kailangan magluto."

Yeah, I am lucky to have him... but I certainly can't rely on him forever to cook dishes at home. One day, when I go full-time stay-at-home mom (a dream I really want to achieve), I'd want to cook for my boys (and future kids - not that this is anytime soon). I want to learn how to make great dishes ~ dishes that even Bobby would be surprised I have the capacity to do. But while I'm figuring out the ropes, working, balancing life as a remote social media specialist, an entrepreneur, a daughter, a partner and a mom, I need something that would make sure there's good, healthy food on our dinner table every night for all of us, especially Yñigo would enjoy.

Though we're used to my aunt, mom, and helper doing those... syempre I wanna explore with my palette and try new dishes. I don't have the gift of time to cook, nor does Bobby. But good thing there are food delivery services out there that offer hearty, home-cooked meals that can satisfy our cravings... and fill our tummies.

A few months ago, a good friend of mine, Ada, recommended a food delivery service that answered all my prayers.


City Chef

 City Chef believes in spreading the comfort and goodness of home to wherever you may be in this busy city. So they gathered a pool of professional chefs to prepare dishes from a uniquely prepared menu for our benefit and enjoyment. You get the convenience of not having to do meal preps, dirty dishes, and restaurant-quality meals at affordable prices.

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Where to Order?

You can go to their website or text 0917-805-0280 before Friday to get your City Chef meals the week after. These dishes will surely get to you before 7:00 PM (one the days you ordered for), fresh and sumptuous.

These dishes will surely get to you before 7:00 PM (one the days you ordered for), fresh and sumptuous. 

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City Chef’s portions are big enough for sharing or storing

Feel free to keep leftovers in the freezer and heat them up when you’re ready to eat again. That's what we did.

They have solo meals at PHP280/day, and PHP1,250/week (5 days). Their family meals are PHP480/day, and PHP2250/week (5 days). Each day, they offer an entrée and an appetizer of sorts. You can order on a per-week or per-day basis. Their website has a calendar for the wide array of viands to choose from!


Our Experience

Wednesday evening last week, our doorbell rang in the middle of Yñigo's playtime. It hadn't been 7:00 PM - which is our normal dinner time. We opened the gate and the friendly delivery guy handed us this lovely package from the City Chef family. It had our 2 meals + rice for that evening, a stainless water bottle Bobby called dibs for, and some stickers that Yñigo immediately got and started sticking on his slide.

Pancit Actual.jpeg

Pancit Bihon

The Pancit Bihon was okay. It wasn't amazing but I was surprised with how much there was. Plus, the noodles to meat ratio was pretty good; always getting a piece of fish cake or atay with every bite.


Bangus in Olive Oil

This dish was pretty amazing. It hit all the right spots with every bite. Savory, Tangy, Spicy and Sweet. It reminded me of the Spanish Sardines that my mom used to always get from Santi's. The subtle hum of the whole red chilies, the sweetness of the bangus and the silkiness the olive oil just create the delightful symphony in my mouth. I think the fact that they used young bangus played a huge role in the flavor profile of the whole dish. all-in-all, a well-rounded dish.

Korean Beef.jpeg

Korean Beef

In terms of flavor, this Korean Beef dish did not disappoint. A pretty authentic flavor; you can actually taste every single ingredient in that sauce/marinade. Maybe it was just the Filipino side of me but I didn't really appreciate the whole black peppercorns in it. A better choice of cut for the beef would have been great, but I can't really complain cause it was still a great dish!

The Verdict

There is no question that each meal we got to try was delicious. Even Bobby says so - and I trust his judgment with his culinary background.

We live in Far-view - so knowing that their delivery services and meals do not disappoint, despite the distance, is very comforting. 

Whipping up dishes every night (or day for that matter) may be fulfilling, but exhausting for some. Just thinking of what to cook, spending hours to prepare, and the actual act of cooking can be so time-consuming that you might miss out on other things that you want or need to do. So for the moms, dads, professionals out there, or for those who live alone, let City Chef make life easier for you! Spend more time on things that matter while they do the cooking.