Days at All Home

My boys & I are a small family who just dreams of having their legit own place. By own place, we mean having something built from ground up, picking out the color schemes and design thematic, sourcing out for furniture, or designing each space so we can feel at home

Bobby & I have a weird thing for furniture places. Sometimes we find ourselves with nothing to do on a weekend, then we just go and drive to the nearest home & furniture place we can think of. We can spend hours and hours of just walking around - picking out things we want for our future home, or examining the design aspects of the furniture available. Other times, we take this chance to teach Yñigo about stuff in general (identification, counting, etc). 

Minsan nga, tatanungin kami kung naghahanap ba kami ng gamit para sa bahay. We reply, “Wala pa kami sariling bahay, pero di naman masama tumingin-tingin dito. Nangangarap pa lang kami.

We've been to a lot of home places - but there was something about All Home that we couldn't explain. It just made us want to go back all the time. Bobby & I even agreed to check out different branches out of sheer fun.



We first visited All Home on one of our trips to Nuvali, Sta. Rosa. The interiors were beautiful - all lit up, just screaming for you to come inside. When you do, you'll see how each floor had a specific purpose. It was so organized and we couldn't help but feel so "atat" to move out. Seeing the linen, plants, shelves and furniture excited me. Obviously, Bobby was always drawn to the kitchen, gardening, heavy duty sections. Yñigo, well, he had his own thing going on.



A few of our finds...

Yñigo gets excited with anything he can get his hands and feet on - couches, chairs, baskets, you name it! Often, we find him trying to get on top of a pile of tiles, where he'd just sit down and feel at home.



We live in Fairview, so driving to San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan takes us a few minutes. We ended up in Starmall and saw a All Home branch there. It honestly wasn't as "fancy" as the one in Nuvali, but the deals were as good. If you're patient enough, you'll find kitchenware and bins that are half the price! The stock there were pretty outdated, but all were functional. I guess they were having a sale at that time to make way for new items! 


Yñigo and Tiles

So, the little boy is still persistent to climb tiles at all times whenever we go to All Home. He finds so much joy in it. I guess it's like a fun obstacle course in his eyes...



One Sunday, we wanted to get away, and whenever we do, the first place we think of that's close to the city is Antipolo. So we hit the road, and drove.... and ended up in All Home again. At this point, going to All Home was an addiction - but who wouldn't be addicted? 

FUN FACT: If we don’t end up staying in a far away province in a few months / years time, we want to get a place in Antipolo.

We wanted to see what we can buy for our humble room. Thing about our room is we have lots and lots of stuff - books, toys, collections acquired from years and years of spending (JOKE). Nonetheless, the point was to make things a bit more organized. On a Facebook post I saw, there were these beautiful 3-layer wooden shelves and when I read through the thread, I saw it was BUY 1 TAKE 1 for P 699. I freaked out to be honest, and I had to try my chances in getting my hands on them because HELLO, 2 shelves [that can fit tons of our books, art materials and stuff] for that price was a good deal! We saw a whole bunch of things and more. Just look at what we did!



Honestly, this is by far my favorite. Just a few weeks ago, my dreams of going to the newest All Home branch in Libis came true --- care of my boys and my sister from another mother, Shen Cala-Or. For those of you who don't know, she is all my go-to person for all kinds of life advice, my journaling art buddy, a soon-to-be mama to my future pseudo-inaanak (HAHA), and the beauty mama blogger behind Shen's Addiction

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-15 at 11.04.48 PM(1).jpeg

I honestly can go on about how Shen has done so much for our lives (yes, even my boys), but that will entail me writing a novel. So let's get back to business...

It started off with the four of us craving food so we decided to check out what food choices we had at the All Day Supermarket. However, we couldn't help ourselves and snaked through the aisles to look at all the pretty things calling our attention. We were trying out how the sofas felt, Shen was practically lying down on each bed we saw, while Yñigo & Bobby would look at all sorts of cabinets (which we actually needed at that time to fix our room).


Some of the things that caught our eye



We then ended up at All Day Supermarket and let me tell you, that was a whole new other world. It's not as big as other supermarkets around Metro Manila, but it was loaded with so much food, and essentials. Here are some of the things we loved about it:

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-15 at 11.03.25 PM(5).jpeg

A Local Food Section

A favorite part of ours was seeing an aisle dedicated to locally made and produced food. They had crab paste, bicol express, dried mangoes, pastries such as yema, pastillas, and also sections in the frozen meat area.

It was cool seeing a variety of longganisa - a staple for Filipino breakfast dishes. We've tried Vigan longganisa, but I didn't think there were others.

Bobby was so excited seeing this because part of why we travel is so that we can expand our palate. So for All Day to bring different tastes here was awesome.


Paluto Area

What we love about this part of All Day was that you can buy your own meat (chicken, pork, beef, fish, you name it) and pick from their list of dishes they can make with it. It feels like a dampa but inside a supermarket.

The prices are affordable considering the experience of dining here.


An International Food Stop

There was an international section with so much imported food goods - just remembering it makes my mouth water. HAHA. You can get the famous noodles used for that Spicy Noodle Challenge trending on social media, spices from different parts of the world, or snacks we grew up with (chocolate & candy galore).


So much stuff to choose from...

Fresh produce, meat, a bunch of "needs" are here. Plus what I love about it is that it's relatively near to Fairview (where we're from), and ang tino-tino talaga ng mga stuff na mabibili dito.

Also, each aisle is packed, and organized. I love how things are in place, labelled properly. You can navigate through the whole area without difficulties.

Feel ko paulit-ulit nako pero tuwang tuwa talaga kami eh. Ang raming bagay! If I can just shop here all the time, I would.

Side Kwento: Bobby and I recently discovered that they had so much ice cream flavors based on our favorite chocolates - Milka Oreo, Lotus Biscoff, Reese, Daim, and much much more].


Seemed like a lengthy post, and if it was, we apologize. Just trying to be real.

For people like Bobby & I who just want to be one step closer to our dreams of owning our own home, it's nice to just go out and look around - discover things that will make life easier and better to live in. All Home & All Day have provided us with a lot of options, a lot of inspiration and a lot of happiness. Walking into their stores, seeing how organized it is, finding items that we never knew existed (and for a reasonable price), and seeing more and more local stuff being incorporated in these store - all we can say is wow.

For us, if our living spaces spark joy, that gives us clearer head space, and more room for positivity. Going to places that we know can provide some form [any form] of joy in our lives is something we always look forward to do.

The tita and nanay in me will always be so happy with what this place has brought. On days that I want to feel like an adult, or have to be one, I find myself here. On days we need a family adventure without breaking the bank, we just drive to one of their branches and check out what's there. In fairness, Yñigo has learned so much from our All Home stops. We try to teach him about the world in our little ways - even if it means just going around the grocery & furniture stores. He can identify veggies and fruits better, he knows what meat looks like uncooked, and he enjoys just having a wide space for him to explore.

We really found a piece of home at All Home