2018 was a lot of things.

There were a lot of ups and downs (we can never avoid that about life).
It was a year full of surprises, unexpected opportunities to “adult”.
It was the year where Bobby started getting his life on track.
It was the year where we got to learn so much about the real world.
It was the year we I am really seeing all of us (Bobby, Yñigo and I) transition into new chapters in life.

Paoay Church

In all honesty, despite the trials, I think we all handled it well. Bobby & I really felt like mature adults making our way through each obstacle, each challenge life threw at us. If 2017 gave depressing, sad, low-point stuff to deal with, 2018 was our get-our-sh*t-together year. Haha.

As I start the morning of January 1st in my ‘jammies’, thinking about loads of things, let me shed some light on the important lessons 2018 hit us hard with!


1. Family is the most important ‘anything’ that you’ll have.

I don’t think I can ever thank my family enough for making me the person I am today. I am not the perfect — and yet despite my imperfections, they love me just the way I am. I spent 2018 really giving my family (a.k.a my parents, siblings, Bobby and Ynigo) undisrupted time. Whenever there’s a chance for me to spend quality time with them, I make sure to unplug from the world. Honestly, I don’t want my family to see me as this workaholic mom glued to her phone (which I do for the blog and for work). I want them to see that they are all first on my priorities.

  • This year, I spent time traveling to Palawan and Ilocos Norte with my family.

  • It was also the year that my boys and I got to spend quality time together abroad!

  • I would always take the time to talk to mom & dad in their room, sharing stories of my day and hearing theirs too.

  • I would also take an ample time after work to converse with Bobby over a cup of coffee (or two).

  • I would do anything Yñigo would like to do - explore parks, play bubbles, or take photowalks together.

  • I would try to lambing Jaja, my youngest sister, even if she hates hugs and affection.

  • I would call my other sister (RR) in Canada every now and then so that we don’t feel the miles separating us.

I do everything I do for them… and if they’re happy, I’m happy. My family never left my side during my dark days. I mean, until now naman l still have those moments… but they never left, and they kept pushing me to move forward. So to do all of this with (and for) them is just my way of saying “thank you for being there, and for loving me for who I am”.

Ang Buhay Lokal Singapore

2. the real world is tough, and it won’t get easier. It’s a matter of knowing what to do with whatever you can do.

If there’s something that 2018 taught me, it’s that the real world is going to be a b*tch sometimes… but that shouldn’t stop you from going for your dreams. We are not the most financially-stable people in the world — we just make do of what we have. Like one of the biggest things we did this year was enroll Yñigo to school. I didn’t think we’d be able to do it, but so far so good!! We budget our expenses according to what we need to prioritize most.

We were able to go to Singapore last July! We put aside budget for the flight and expenses when we got there. We were lucky to have Yñigo’s Ninong Migi let us stay at his condo there (so nakatipid sa accommodations talaga). We got to venture into a country just the three of us and I couldn’t be happier to have that chance — knowing that all our hard work is what brought us there. Yñigo had the time of his life… and us much as we didn’t want to leave, we had to go back into the ‘real world’.

Moving on — life doesn’t get easier. It never does. One thing you think things are going well for you, then life gives you an unexpected turn of events. Don’t settle and always be on your feet. Like what Coco Martin said in his latest MMFF film, “Always ready, like ever ready.” Kidding aside though, despite it not getting easier, it shouldn’t discourage you. You hold the very power that will determine whether or not you will move up or down in this life. You possess unique capabilities and attributes that will help you leverage wherever you want to be. So if you think 2018 wasn’t your year… it may have been, but it’s never too late to turn it around!



This is one of the most valuable things we learned this year. Everything has its time. I never understood this before. I always used to think I was falling behind my batchmates, my friends who are at the prime of their careers. I even get insecure with moms who have it all. Bobby would also feel that way, but he was less expressive of it than I was. I would spend days just punishing myself (in the head) — telling myself I am not enough. Nothing I do is ever enough. I even blamed motherhood [at some point] for holding me back.

I was so wrong.

Things started to get clearer the latter half of 2018. Bobby & I would spend nights talking about our plans in life. Yes, admittedly, we want a lot of things. We want to be more than who we are now. But we’ve also accepted that each person has his/her own path, own time, and own process. I have my own, he has his own. Together, we will get to where we gotta be, where we dream of being. It will take time, but we will get there.

2019, I’m pretty excited for you. Can’t wait for what you have in store for our family yay

Yup. I really can’t wait. 2018 did a lot for us mentally and spiritually. We’re hoping we put these lessons to good use. We wish you all a fruitful 2019! Oh, and wait for our next video which will highlight moments of 2018! Love you all xxx