RJ Dancel
RJ Dancel

About us

Hi. I’m RJ Dancel and welcome to the site! I’m the mom with the blonde hair there ☝🏼

This started out as a travel blog where Bobby Guingona & I would share stories on family, local travel (especially with our son, Ynigo), and what we discover along the way.

The site has undergone a lot of changes. From being a mommy blog, to a a family and local travel website, and now a personal space where I can write anything and everything under the sun.

To those who visit this space, I want to say thank you. My intention is to help readers gain a new set of eyes for the beauty that the Universe can offer - through my musings, ramblings, photo journals, videos (hopefully), and other things.

I’ve dedicated my life to discover the meaning of ‘living’.

I want this space to serve a purpose. To be a place where I can connect with people, share meaningful experiences and stories that move our souls. It welcomes raw conversations - what it means to live here, how life lessons integrate in our everyday lives, and how to love what’s ours.

I want to be more active in writing things that spark joy, at least for me. I want to return to this site feeling at home.

I am grounding myself to a life that is intentional and inspired. The flow of knowledge never stops with us, nor should it stop with anyone. [My boys and] I welcome infinite knowledge that the earth provides us, and we want to impart that with anyone and everyone who is willing to learn.